October 8, 2010

The Boat Ride

My consciousness is in the sky, I'm swooshing down - I feel like I'm moving like the wind. As I move towards the landscape a very beautiful Mediterranean island comes into focus. There is a young woman coming out of a building that looks very well suited for the natural scenery.

Somehow I know this is her parents house and I begin to wonder what she has planned for the future. She is smiling a lot and seems too happy. A young man comes into view, he holds her hands and leads the way to his boat. The man is completely smitten by his lady friend and does not take his gaze away from her. I soon start to feel the way he must be feeling and then I'm feeling the way the woman is feeling.

Suddenly I can feel the sea and I can sense danger lurking about, there is a big rock that they're about to crash in. I then become the warning signal to which the man responds and swiftly swerves his boat sighing with relief that I am able to feel myself. I then start to sense the woman's reaction. She is feeling guilty of allowing her partner to give his complete attention to her. She watches the way he maneuvers the boat and I feel at this point that somehow I'm inside her mind and while I'm there my thought is perhaps I can learn how to ride a boat as it looked so easy. It was like I was implanting this thought inside her head.

This dream is so much different than the usual dreams and much more colourful than I've painted here. It was amazing to sense emotions of the dream characters and at the same time experiencing myself as the element of water and the surrounding atmosphere. It was like I could switch angles at any moment. If I had more control of my dreams it could be even more fun. I think this dream is asking me to learn to maneuver the dream. The boat is symbolical for the 'dream body', the sea is the 'dream' and the young woman represents the 'dreamer'.

Lucid dreaming requires a level of consistency which is the case for any ability we may wish to adopt. I found astral projecting a lot easier maybe because I felt more inspired to project than LD.

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