October 6, 2010

Ausome Water - Deeper Healing

This time I used 10 drops of ausome in 16oz filtered water. Sipped a bit, no immediate effect. Slowly sipped 8oz of the water and felt like taking a nap. Prior to this I made a wheat milk because my wheat sprouts came out too long and disgustingly sweet - flavoured it and mixed water then took a few sips and after that I was feeling nauseous.

When sipping the ausome I was waiting to throw up - decided to take a nap to help me forget that sick taste left in my mouth.

During the nap I felt pulsing surges in my hands and legs - there was definitely deeper work being done. I flinched several times during the pulses of energy surging. After an hour of napping I felt great - the sick taste was almost completely gone.

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