October 26, 2010


Woke up at 2am, by 3:30am I thought about using this opportunity to AP - felt in the mood and was able to stay up longer than usual.

As I got prepared I wondered if I should try to keep my options open - this time I invited those Forces who are invisible to the human eye to assist me. I asked if they could open up my perception so that I could see them more clearly at all times, if they can help fine tune me and that I will remain open in how that will be done and not impose methods that I think will work. I asked that only Forces of the Divine come to assist me for Divine Purposes.

I breathed deeply a few times into my abdomen and then relaxed. There was some movement at base of spine and some tingle in leg. Focused on my breathing but noticed how my attention would wander off. Turned from my back to rest on my front side and felt more comfortable and started dozing off. I became aware of a few dreams starting to play out - one sexual, the others about random stuff. Suddenly my awareness is alerted back to physical, my ear began to vibrate rapidly (can't recall which one). Then the top of my head vibrated, I could feel the movements of my brain just buzzing rapidly without pause. I relax and the spinning occurs.

It is exactly as though spinning on a disc, my body spread out like Vitruvian Man. The spinning is just as fast as the vibrations. Spinning, spinning - next to the window now. I look at the bed as my body flying backwards - physical body absent.

I'm still spinning but in slow motion - on the corner of my room near the window I see two small rings of light. Spinning around I am positioned to the other side of the room still can sense where the window is I am sinking down, I could reach out towards the window, I could fly I could take control but I'd rather not. I want to experience and let those forces map this journey out without me interfering. I give in to the sinking but then something flashes near the window - it's scrambling and I naturally float towards it. I am in the sky and the light is etched into black writing. I see the letters and at first read 'freight', then I figure it says 'preach' until I read it backwards - very clearly I'm reading the word 'teach'.

I don't know what to make of this except a few knowings that were triggered. I end up grounded inside a female physical body. There is a man next to me with a few women - these I recognize to be friends of the woman who's body I have occupied. There is another man in front of me who seems to be interrogating us or possibly just making conversation. He is asking for my name - I know my name but know it's not hers, so I turn to my male friend and say 'My friend here will introduce us.' He calls me Kat, I sense it is spelt with K. I affirm. I'm not conversing much, I look around just taking in the scenery. I am in a place of limited buildings, mostly just a field but like a big garden loaded with people and a few pathways. I then focus on the man who was asking for my name and noticed his boobs. I thought he was a man, suddenly I press one of his breast and say 'You're not a man' - LOL, I'm not sure what possessed me to do that.

I don't recall much after that, except I found myself returning gently repositioned. There was a few Kundalini activity, spasm in right leg and a few passing tingles. It has been such a long time since I APed, glad to know I still can do it and the quality has somewhat changed. One significant difference is the brain charge - it is possible that some part of my brain is activated to allow smoother transition. I'll have to AP a few more times to observe this.

What was the message in the word 'teach'? When I read the word it did trigger some knowings in me. Somehow 'teaching' is my assignment, but teaching what, who and how was not very clear.

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