October 25, 2010

Heads or Tails?


I'm in the garden, I see a headless cat (white with light brown patches) - no blood just the neck part covered with fur. I'm not as scared as I should be just a little creeped out but more curious. I'm wondering why the head is missing - what does it mean? I think maybe the head is there but I just can't see it so I call to the cat to see if it could sense me. Another cat shows up - this cat is missing its tail and part of its behind. Now I'm even more baffled but my thoughts lead me to thinking it is some kind of puzzle - perhaps the missing head part is to be connected to the missing tails part. I know that would look very weird.

As I walk into the kitchen I could sense my neice and nephew in the garden - they are playing aggressively with the cats. I get images and thoughts of what happens when people are violent with cats and know that these cats will not hesitate to attack them in defense and try to stop this from happening. End

Also dreamt about shopping in a clothing store and a kid rummaging through my handbag stealing some games that I don't own in reality - right in front of me. I remember I keep telling this kid to stop going through my bag until I crack and start yelling.

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