May 9, 2009

The Enchanted Land

Time: 8am
Technique: WBTB (woke several times this morning)
Mood: Neutral
Symptoms: energy surge at crown of head with electrical like sounds, buzzing sensations, floating of consciousness
Goals: None - no actual intention to project, although in the past few days I've been attempting to connect with my Spirit Guides and practicing chakra balancing meditation to assist with this

Experience: Though I had no intention to project this morning I felt my head buzzing slightly as I shifted position to try and fall asleep once again. As the buzzing faded I felt the oncoming of an energy surge. The zapping sensation was becoming more intense almost amplifying my resistance for some reason. I knew I could either completely resist it or learn to enjoy the process. Of course I chose the latter and found that the ride was electrifyingly pleasant. Suddenly I could see an outline of a woman with long hair appearing to be running in the wind with fluid like movements, after a few seconds this faded into darkness.

I could hear the faint sound of voices chanting followed by drums and the types of musical instruments native tribes use. As the chanting and music became louder my vision had finally began taking form. I was now in a field of different colours particularly the shades of yellow and green. It was sunny and I became aware of the sun light enchancing my vision. My form / point of consciousness was moving sideways on an invisible path with a perfect view of the field in front of me. It was like being carried with the stream, I didn't try to control any part of the experience because everything was unfolding beautifully. There were no signs of wizadry or powerful Sorcerors yet the magic of this land left me in a state of complete awe.

The voices chanting perfectly in unison had become so much clearer I was finally able to make out one syllable words very foreign to me. I was just as captivated by the chant as the view in front of me. The chant, the view, the wonderful emotions that bubbled within me - everything was perfectly in sync. This is perhaps the most enchanted place I've ever been to. Bushes of what looked like one gigantic dandelion flower were visible - they were mostly a hue of yellow. This place was so organic I wondered if there were any houses and just as I thought that images of wooden houses flashed.

My vision changed and I felt like I was peering through one eye - a camera lens to be precise. Then the other eye, which turned out to be the left eye opened up. I had stopped in the middle of one part of the field where several people were roaming about. I approached them gliding in their direction, I really couldn't tell if they noticed me. They looked like ordinary people, dressed in casual wear. I noticed a bush of red dandelion fluffiness. My vision started fading and I felt clearly that I was about to open my physical eyes.

I was frustrated that it was ending so fast and angry at my sudden impaired vision. Then I sensed someone saying 'It's okay that you have to go'. It was communicated to me very non-verbally - certainly it was neither in a language, nor did I hear it. Now I sensed others around me having no idea who they were. I remembered the yellow bush of a massive dandelion and the enchanting field. My vision returned slowly, I had an urge to move in a particular direction, approached a hill where I walked down a dirt path and passed a little boy who was walking in the opposite direction. I stopped walking when I heard my name being called out. It was a child's voice but I couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl. I perceived it was coming from behind me so I turned around but ended up looking at the blank orange shade of my closed eyelids returning to C-1 at 8:20am with some mild buzzing sensation in my head.

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Liara Covert said...

It is generous of you to share such intimate experiences to encourge readers to explore deeper into their own inner selves. It can be fascinating to discover what is unveiling right before your 2 eyes and third eye.