April 2, 2008

Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Experience

Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Experience from 'The Monroe Institute' is a collection of six albums called 'Waves of Change'. The purpose of the audio is to develop expanded states of awareness. It uses a process called Hemi-Sync which is short for Hemisphere Synchronization. The audio sends seperate sound pulses to each ear and creates a third sound called the 'Binaural Beat'. It is never an actual sound, but an electrical signal created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together.

Last week upon recieving Wave 1 - Discovery I have been listening to it almost everyday. I've currently replaced it with my meditation sessions and have had some good results.

First I had no recall of my dreams since using it except for today where I managed to remember brief fragments. I'm currently on track 3 'Advanced Focus 10' which is from Robert Monroe's phasing model and is the mind awake/body asleep state.

So far I have felt tingling sensations that at times feel like sparks of electricity around my toes and hands. When listening to 'Advanced Focus 10' I feel an intense pressure at the top of my head. I have felt these pressures before sometimes during meditation but they were milder. Something seems to trickle down from the left side of my temple and makes my cheek feel very weird - I think I'm consciously getting into the sleep paralysis state which is obviously the mind awake/body asleep state.

When I do feel that trickling down the cheek sensation I get the urge to stop it because it feels very uncomfortable. I guess with time and practice I should be able to overcome this. I plan to get back to meditating 15 mins a day as well as listening to Gateway Experience every night.


Anonymous said...


I had an interesting experience following a week of starting back up with Focus 10. The extent of my experiences within Focus 10 have been putting my body to sleep (with the static sensations around my limbs).

Just the other evening I had the "spontaneous" sleep paralysis/vibrational state happen while sleeping. Two very important qualities presented themselves, making this experience very different from all previous (I've recalled a few spontaneous OBEs, but never one that was consciously self-induced):

1) Upon detecting the vibrations coming (I like to call them the "woah woah woah" sensations), I did not experience any fear. Every other time experiencing these, I had fear with the inclination to wake up (even if I didn't want to consciously--kicking myself afterwards for waking up). This time I was not afraid at all, a little nervous perhaps, but not fearful.

2) The sensations were far more intense (seemed to be anyway). It felt almost as though a gush of wind was blowing into my face while it took place. As I remained calm to let the vibrations play out, a spark of insight came to me "You eat too much sugar" and then the sensations slowed down and then I woke up.

Lately, I've had dreams of having OBEs. In these dreams, I am "shown" what it feels like to slide out of the body, what it feels like to transport "fly", the basics... They are NOT genuine OBEs though, I do not believe.

I have had quite a few nightmares (more than usual). I think this is a good sign because my mind is addressing important issues that need to be dealt with.

I look forward to future additions to this journal. Like you, I am getting accustomed to the mind awake/body asleep state. The more we practice, the stronger we become!


Marika said...

I've just started the Gateway Experience and I'm Google'ing around to other's journals on it. I'll start reading yours from the bottom up :)
I'm still at Introduction to Focus 10, but I'm really looking forward to getting into it!