April 28, 2008

Astral Projection, Technique 3 From A Seth Book

'...he did so, and I highly recommend this method to you both. When you awaken, or seem to in the middle of the night, try simply to get out of the physical body. Simply try to get out of bed, you see, and to walk into another room white the physical body stays where it is.

If you keep this in mind, generally speaking, then you will find yourself able to do so within a brief time. It is a pleasant and easy way to achieve a projection, and with some experience you will discover that you can maintain good control, walk out of your apartment, and outside. You may then attempt normal locomotion, or levitation.

There is little strain with this method, and it has benefits from several viewpoints. Simply keep the method in mind so that you are alert to the initial favorable circumstances. You may be half awake. You may be in a false awakening. The method will work in either case. It offers good possibilities in another direction: you can, if you want to do so, look back at your own body.

You must want to do this however. Often you do not want to see the body by itself, so to speak, and so you choose methods that make this more difficult. just this one exercise will sharpen your control greatly. It is an ABC you see.

The experience will be much less startling to the ego than an abrupt projection, and the ordinary nature of the activities, walking into the next room for example, Will be reassuring. You are more calm, and in your own surroundings. Of course Ruburt was out of his body when he saw Miss Callahan, who was in the same condition.'

~ A Seth Book, The Early Sessions, Book 7, Session 298, Page 143


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what the instructions were to move back from your astral body into you physical were. No one seems to write of this and its kind of holding me back from taking the last step in going.

Jasmine said...

I think there's not much emphasis on techniques to help you get back to your physical body because that is really the easy part. The hard part is staying in your astral form long enough to explore.

Once you are in the astral just thinking of your physical body is enough to snap you right back.