April 5, 2008

Hemi-Sync: I'm Clicking Out

Last night I started on 'Release and Recharge' which is simply a rundown of the first 3 tracks. On this track Monroe gives instructions to go through the preliminary steps rather than guide you through each step as in the first 3 tracks. I couldn't finish it completely due to distractions so after doing the preliminary steps I ended the session.

In the last few sessions (Intro to Focus 10 and Advanced Focus 10) I've been 'clicking out' a lot. It tends to happen when I get to the breathing and resonant tuning part. One second I'm breathing and the very next I'm hearing Monroe's voice guiding me out by counting down from 10 to 1. I don't realize I've clicked out until I hear Monroe guiding me out. It states in the manual that 'clicking out' is different from falling asleep. According to the manual when returning from these click-outs you will have stored the memory of your experience but will not have immediate recall. I guess this means that something happens during these periods of clicking out - an altered state of consciousness? or perhaps an astral projection?

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