April 12, 2008

Intense Sacral Chakra Sensation

Before going to bed last night practiced the hemi-sync techniques. Woke up this morning at 6:00 am and was trying to recall my bizarre dreams. Went back to sleep after 10 minutes. Within a dream I became very aware. I was in an unfamiliar house and realized it was a dream. I walked through the wall, crossed the road and once on the other side everything blacked out. Then I became aware of my body which was paralyzed.

My eyes were open and I looked to the right and it appeared that someone was standing beside my bed - this was very creepy. I managed to get my fear under control and tried to look at it more clearly. It was just my duvet which was slightly raised up. My head began to feel sparkly - this sensation was moving around my body and felt just a little uncomfortable. I closed my eyes and saw a bright pink ribbon which seemed to flash. Then a female voice began to speak, I can't remember what was said. All of a sudden my sacral chakra began pulsating, it was fast and intense.
After a while of this a screen appeared before me and I was patiently waiting for images to flash before me so I could step in. Instead what I got was some kind of advertisement. I don't know what they were selling but I wasn't interested. My recall ends there.

I've had experience with my Third Eye Chakra and I have to admit I did have some doubts with the whole chakra system and still kind of do - if it was real or not or perhaps something to do with the power of suggestion since I did read a lot about it. Really the same could be said about Astral Projections, is it real or just all in my head? I guess it all depends on how I define 'real' and honestly I just don't know but most importantly I'm not really concerned.

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