December 30, 2009

Sensing Subtle Energies

Tried an exercise last night, percieving and sensing subtle energies. At the first instance, less than a minute of moving my hands I felt the energy in between which was very subtle. Continuing with the practice the energy became more dense.

I would recite the statements then close my eyes and wait for the energy to increase. There was a gentle magnetic force pulling both hands in together. I would then stretch my hands out a little and then back in and there was that resistance mentioned in the article. I made a final statement to draw the energy within me, amazingly I felt it move into my chest where there was a slight constricted feeling that smoothed out, then tingles spread throughout my body.

A few years ago when I began exploring astral projection I had tried out a few energy percieving exercises (most on how to percieve aura and trying to create psi balls). One sunny day trying to percieve energy between my index fingers a few centimeters apart I was able to feel the same pressure. The energy oozed up so much I saw a misty smoke flowing outwards. I was definitely left astounded but at that time I didn't feel the pull to continue the practice. However, now I feel drawn to exploring these areas.

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