December 19, 2009

Chip Implant Convulsions - Possible Soul Retrievals

Last night while in bed I wasn't quite ready for sleep so I thought I'd just try to be attentive to my thoughts and basically wherever my attention went I'll follow it. I should note here that I also made a request for spirit guides. I'd think random stuff and it wasn't long until I began hearing voices. Very audible and clear, there were too many voices to remember any of the sentences - mostly just rambling stuff. I fell asleep but awakened several times. I kept having these weird dreams and FAs.

In one dream I am watching something on a monitor - it's a clip of a teenage boy and he's demonstrating a type of convulsion he gets due to kundalini. Then another clip, same boy sets up his camera in front of his bed, lays down and few minutes later he is convulsing. This seizure was more dramatic, his head and arms thrashing violently. I could hear two women making a comment 'This is wrong, he's too young he shouldn't be medling in this stuff.' Her ignorance annoyed me as I knew that some people don't medle in this stuff - it just happens. I woke up about 2am and attempted to sleep around 5am.

I was lying down on my belly when suddenly there was a movement in my rectum, it was pumping upwards with severe force. This has happened before but I would use all my might to stop the sensation. This time I knew I couldn't - the force was greater than my will. I phased in and out, aware of the sensation and then in some alternate reality type of false awakening. This continued for what seemed like eternity. At some stage the bed was shaking, I've never experienced an earthquake but I'd imagine this is what it would be like.

There was a male voice saying 'We're going to make some changes now.' I percieved this voice to be coming from the right, externally and not in my head. After that I began to hear other voices, a group of people speaking amongst themselves. I had the sense that I was no longer in my room. The voices increased in quantity as well as loundness and I felt as though I was surrounded by a very large crowd. There's the sound of a drill and an impact on the back of my head. The sensation at first was tolerable even though it felt more like a mini chainsaw instead of a drill.

A voice in my left ear alarmed me. It spoke a language that was so foreign I believe it was an alien. Even it's voice had an alien quality. At this point the sensation got stronger, I began convulsing. My head shot upwards, my arms would move in a violent manner much like what I witnessed in the dream state. To the onlooker I would appear to be having an extremely dangerous seizure. My awareness remained throughout, since I couldn't force myself out of this one I observed as much as I could.

The sensation eventually got to the point where it felt like either the back of my head was being implanted with a chip or it was being removed, at least it was a piece of some kind of solid material. At the same time that this incident was nearing its end the voices sounded like they were being sucked away or soothed to silence and the idea of 'Soul Retrieval' came to mind. I woke up with a fizzing in the back of my head.


Anonymous said...

I found this page after googling "Astral Projection head drill"
Not the same experience, I was attempting Astral Projection, I still haven't had my first one but, 5 minuted I was attempting one and I felt like a drill was going through the back of my head, much like your solid material feeling, the weird thing is that I couldn't make it go away, move it around(just a little radius) or anything until I stopped...

Jasmine said...

I've had this drill experience on three other occasions which I've written about - enter the term drill on the blog search box and you'll find them.

I've always wondered what this drilling in the head meant and can only assume that some kind of work is being done although I'm now thinking it's more than likely.

Anonymous said...

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