December 15, 2009

Past Life and the Future

The Past Life
Last night in a relaxed state I felt like I was going to sleep like a baby, unfortunately that was not to be the case. In that relaxed state I began seeing partial images and just drifted off thinking very little of them. Then in my minds eye there was a sudden flash of an image where the characters came to life. There were two men, I can't quite remember how they were dressed. One man had a sword in his right hand and thrust it into the upper abdomen of this other man who seemed to be completely off guard.

At the instant that the sword had pierced through my right hand flinched and rested on the invisible wound. More disturbing than this re-enactment was the sound of the dying man which was ringing in my ears. Immediately I registered it as a past life incident and not something drawn from imagination. I'm not too sure about the nature of past lives but for the time being I feel this particular experience fits into that box.

After this I managed to get in a deep sleep but awakened at 2am, this time sleep was impossible - my mind was on auto, it was doing all the thinking for me. Questions were raised and I had to get to the bottom of these, things that relate to me personally. I had to, not resolve these questions because they did not represent problems, instead there was a deeper urge to understand some of my opinions, beliefs and convictions I have about certain things. Interestingly this was accompanied by energetic sensations.

The Future
I could not sleep until about 5am, and the external noise of birds were not helping much. I focused exclusively on my breathing and as I relaxed a little, tingling electrical currents surged up my legs. A few minutes later I heard my mum sobbing and mumbling something in the distance, she sounded traumatized as if something catastrophic had taken place. Then I wondered how on earth she got to London that fast since she was thousands of miles away in another country and I had just spoken to her on the phone that evening. Despite my rational mind and it's logical function I tried to get up to see what was going on, but some force weighed me down. The electrical fizzing in my legs restarted and I found myself raising up - I made an astral exit. I looked around my room, it was the same room but the furniture were completely different, the only thing I recognized was the carpet.

Mentally I rummaged through the room, scanning to find some of my stuff but nothing looked familiar to me. I got this impression, a gut feeling that I was in the future. It was more of an absolute knowing, as I floated about the house I briefly saw the new tenants which only confirmed this knowing. In particular there was a woman carrying a baby around. I wondered what year it was but the capacity for my mind to try and understand had become so fragmented. I ended up having some weird FAs and finally woke up.

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