July 24, 2010

Worm of Destruction and Power Plant

Dreamt that I was in the garden towards the left section I look at the soil, piled up with twigs and leaves. A worm emerges, at first I thought it was a centipede but upon clearer observation I see it has spikes. Very dangerous scary looking creature. In the physical I would've ran miles away from it, instead I am curious as to what this creature is. Touch it slightly with a stick, it inflates -like something out of a horror movie. A knowing comes to me translated this knowing is that this worm like creature can devour everything. Relieved I didn't touch with my hands. I pose a unspoken question, "How can this be useful?" The answer is it is a solution to dispose of the crappy artificial things we have created as opposed to landfills.

Next scene I walk to other side where a vine like plant is growing, I am explaining to someone that this plant should never be grown for a second time because it will take over all other plants and spread like a virus.

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