July 22, 2010

Baby Falls

Another baby dream, which I've noticed at particular times have become a reoccuring theme in dreamland.

I'm at cousins house or it looks like this house. I'm seated at one bed and on another bed at the other side of room there is a baby sleeping.

This baby suddenly awakens, seeing me the baby flips over and hits the floor. I run up and carry the baby knowing this little babe is pretty strong, I look at the car seat and relieved that at least baby didn't land on that otherwise there could've been some serious injuries.

I look at this absolutely adorable baby and say 'Why do you keep doing that when you see me?' I have a cooking apple biting into this and give a sweet apple to the baby telling the baby it is sweet. With the baby in my arms I walk down the stairs, my cousin has arrived. She is stretching her arms out reaching out for the baby at which point I'm confused and wonder if the baby is hers or mine.

In reality the baby in the dream did not look like my cousins baby. Also in reference to the apples my neighbours have a huge cooking apple tree and another tree with apples very sweet.

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