July 25, 2010

Truth Hauntings In Sleep

Dreams were reflections of the experience I had. Could not really sleep felt haunted, kept opening eyes from insane dream visuals. Pains near ovary were intense and head was aching. Something in my head squeeshed as I raised my head from pillow. Felt changes going on inside in head and knew when I woke up in morning I will not be feeling so good.

The last dream was the most peculiar, it was too vivid. I'm at a reception agitated that the receptionist did not call me - waiting long time. They said they're bringing my file out and if I could please wait.

I sat down and with sarcasm said 'Of course I can wait. Haven't you heard? I have all the time in the world. I'll just sit and wait here. Please don't hurry on my account!' Boy, was I burning with rage inside.

The file is in front of me. Something wrong with my spine and because of this I am experiencing Spatial Hallucination? - they're gonna correct my spine. Some problem associated with my neck and head which they have written on file they will correct. I'm confused. I read an article about a woman whose twin sis died - she had these procedures and became extremely depressed.

I wasn't sure I wanted any of the procedures mentioned. Actually I was certain I didn't want it at all. The person who wrote the file seemed manipulative and was conspiring for their personal agenda.

Woke up, menstruating which explained the severe force I felt in ovaries.

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