July 22, 2010

Sexual Dreams

For the past few days I have been having at least one sexual dream per day. Today woke up from a dream about a young woman with dark hair and another woman who is her friend. The dark haired woman is combing her hair and both woman very happy about their love lifehaving found their life partner.

There is an impression of what the partner looks like - attractive and suitable. They make a good match I think as I am dreaming this. At one point the woman is in a beachy area combing her hair with a wooden comb, she is thinking how combing her hair makes her feel good. I have recently replaced my plastic combs in physical reality with wooden combs recently making a transition in using only natural materials and believe the dream was drawing reference to this.

Another scene pops up, here it seems several years have passed by. A lot has changed, the woman lives with her mother and she no longer has a partner. Something happened, it seems they split up but I could tell that she carries the memory of her partner.

A very attractive young chineses or korean man knocks on her door. The woman seems to be talking in some way, a narrative voice is telling me about how the man at first appeared calm, charismatic and charming. The second time he arrives he appears to be a 'bonehead' and seemed too demanding. Another scene the man is seated, he is just visiting but after something more this time. The woman looks apprehensive, she feels that this man is completely uninterested in her sexually - a case of low self esteem. As she walks away the thoughts of the young man becomes so loud, he is thinking 'Oh, all the dirty things I want to do to you' - not exactly romantic. I get the impression that he's just a horny demon.

Another scene woman is sleeping on her bed, a sort visual of entities are hovering above her. She sees this and is alarmed. Suddenly the entity transforms into the man she had recently met, who is attempting to embrace her. She pushes or gently moves him aside showing that she lacks in interest. She is lying down in a curled half foetus position, he is also lying down on the other side of the bed but it is like she thinks he is not there.

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