November 22, 2009

Update on Recent Energy Activity

Recently I've been experiencing a lot of energy activity ranging from mild to extreme.

The Mild:

  • Tremors - randomly here and there
  • Pressures in head - there was just one day where the pressure was unbearable and felt pain
  • Cramps and sharp pain in lower abdomen (occurred during evening, by the time I got to bed surrendered to the pain and miraculously fell asleep)
  • During meditation left arm itched and then felt like bug crawling under skin, sensation proceeded in right arm
  • Water bubbling up spine during hot bath - was pleasant but finished up fast due to feeling dizzy

The Extreme:
  • Legs shaking (sat down letting the legs shake it off)
  • Legs and arms swinging out just as I drift off to sleep (at one point grabbed the edge of my bed certain that whatever was moving my arms and legs was trying to throw me out of bed - occured again in the morning)
  • Heart palpitation
  • Weird twisted posture with ribs being shifted - written in more detail in the next post

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