November 30, 2009

Reappearance of the Being

Saturday woke up 4am from phone ringing. 2 hours later began to relax. A warm feeling washed over me, I felt so warm inside the smile formed on my face as a natural reaction. Immediately followed by this was the sensation of cobwebs over my face and then goosebumps all over my right arm. I knew this meant there was something nearby, looked to my right and there was the being that I had recently met. I didn't have time to stare at it long enough to be certain because my right ear began to vibrate at an uncomfortable rate.

I averted my glance suddenly feeling vulnerable and a little afraid as the ear vibration made me feel I was lacking in control. I had a feeling my ear vibration was due to the being trying to communicate with me or it's possible that my ear was tuning into a different frequency. I tried to let the vibrations settle down without resisting but it was impossible to endure it and so I gave up and attempted to stop it instead.

So after fidgeting for a good few minutes the vibration finally stopped, but the feeling of the presence was still nearby. I didn't care to look. I was afraid to look but more than that I was annoyed. I just wanted to sleep at least for an hour and wake up feeling rejuvinated which is not the way I've been feeling lately. In order to avoid seeing this being I turned to rest on my front and began to relax once more and instantly felt a kind of funneling in my left ear. There was some root chakra sensation and some sexual stimulation present until I slipped in an altered state of consciousness where I percieved that I was in the back of a vehicle looking out at a suburb street passing by.

Once again I feel like I had triggered this, that night before bed I randomly thought about what that being was to begin with but I had no intention for another encounter. It was a background thought of very little significance.

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