November 9, 2009

Light Flashes and Sleepless Night

Last night I did not sleep at all, I had the usual chakra sensations and other things going on. At first there were these sudden flashes of light, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was in deep thought which was keeping me awake, sudden flashes of memories came to mind particularly incidents from my childhood. I even solved a few mysteries that had perplexed me as a child. These are things I rarely ever think about so it was strange how all that shot through my head.

Suddenly I spotted a white light on the wall adjacent to my window, it was an oval shape with a diameter of about 2cm. It would morph and glimmer as if dancing. It was definitely not a ball of light, 2D flat on the wall. I thought it's obviously moonlight or some other light reflecting through the window and the blinds were slightly open, it's movement was creepy. I left it down to cloud and mist causing it to appear to be changing shape. Rational explanations are comforting.

Suddenly in the corner of my left eye a line of white light flashed. Then somewhere in the corner of my right side of the room. At times it was like a swooshing light but mostly flashes. I had an eerie sense that I was not alone. Got up to look out the window expecting to see a bright moon I was surprised by the array of stars in the night sky. They were of course brightly lit and some would glimmer. They seemed to be jerking or shifting left and right, I don't know much about the behaviours of stars but there was something intriguing about this scene.

Again I tried to just fall asleep, but my mind was strangely occupied. The lights continued to appear, I just decided to take no notice. I thought about this energy that has become more concentrated lately and I decided since I can't sleep I would just lie awake and observe it. I guess I was challenging it to amplify while I was still awake. The muscles in my right arm began to clench and relax followed by my left arm at which point I realized I'm better off being unconscious. I closed my eyes relaxing more and more, suddenly I felt my left arm lift up and then drop. My immediate thought was that this energy is actually intelligent, I knew straight away that the arm drop was a test to see if I had fallen asleep.

I felt goosebumps in my right arm, there was a sensation of warmth and hairs standing up. That was a confirmation that I was spot on about the energy testing me. It was impossible falling asleep, no matter how much I tried I just could not relax. Eventually at about 4am I started drifting off but a loud crashing tearing sound in my head startled me and it took another hour to drift off again. At around 5am my entire body felt like it was exploding over and over again, there were tugging, yanking sensations in certain body parts. The energy felt like it was mostly concentrated in my head, neck and spine, these areas were vibrating intensely. I know the best course of action is to remain still when this happens but I needed to shift around just to confirm I can still function. After that I still could not sleep with light phases of drifting off and being shocked awake. In the end there was some benefit from all this, the anger I had felt during that day felt like it had become neutralized. Suddenly I realized that all things, whether good or bad, the wide spectrum of emotions were blessings in disguise.


Guilherme R. Fauque said...

Very interesting. I've been follow your reports and I'm just loving it.

Anonymous said...

hmm i think i have the same thing...i have light on my ceiling and when its dark and i turn my body to the left in my corner of my eye i see a white flash in the casing where the bulb is...iv checked it and its not the bulb...and when i look at it it goes away immediatly...its very freaky and would like to know what it is¬