November 13, 2009

Astral Travel via Energized Third Eye Chakra

I awoke 2am constantly cleaning out bladder. After this it was impossible to sleep - this insomnia is becoming consistent taking place almost every night.

By 6am I thought I was going to lose my mind, highly stressed and agitated I started taking deep breaths. Then began focusing on the gentle natural rhythm of my breathing. It took time until I even felt mildly relaxed. There was some energy movement in various parts but mild compared to previous nights, until the energy focus was completely in the location of the third eye chakra.

In the Sky
At first there's a vibration until it was like an inner tremor between the brows. My ears vibrate and burn. I rotate to the other side of the room, everything dark. As I sink something comes in focus, like a cap being removed from camera lens or simply peeping through one eye. I raise up towards this image, I'm about to go through something and may lose focus. I need something to help me focus, so I keep repeating 'Spirit Guides' like a mantra. I go through something completely forgetting my intention. I'm flying on my back staring at the sky. There are unusual circular objects flying in the air and I assume they are some kind of aircraft. I get too close to one, certain that it would hit me but realize nothing can hurt me in this state. As I pass by, not exactly controlling my movement, there are more weird shaped objects above me.

The Apartment
My recall is fuzzy here - I end up in an apartment, in the living room there are several people seated on the couch and some on the floor. I particularly remember a teenager. One of the woman there is speaking. 'Don't you think she should leave him?' she asks. They're in a conversation completely irrelevant to me until the woman calls out my name. I walk up to her confused in a sort of daze. 'What do you think?' she was clearly asking me. I wasn't thinking much which was probably why I was confused - it was like my thought process had shut down and now slowly I was trying to speak back. 'Why should she leave? Why doesn't she leave? She should leave.' Suddenly it's like I'm remembering something and hearing the sound of my voice made me think I was physically speaking and from a physical perspective I would appear to be talking in my sleep. I try to wake up just a little - halfway to see if I am speaking out. I have an FA followed by a vision of a Hindu deity.

The Deity
I'm lying down and shift to my right side, the image of what looks like a giant Hindu Goddess doesn't even startle me. She speaks. 'Oh, one so small. Let me tell you why we have a head. The head is there to know.' Those weren't her exact words, her speech was more poetic. She continued speaking. I look down and see a mini version of herself sitting beside her listening attentively.

In the Sky II
Back in bed same chakra and ear sensation. This second time round I realized that I could AP anytime, some kind of connection was made. All I had to do was pull the energy into the third eye chakra through the breath. Although I didn't deliberately pull energy into that chakra and intend to AP for this projection intentionally, I was watching the third eye mechanism in motion and understood the process. Once again I'm flying with my gaze at the sky, there are square and rectangular shaped wired meshes above me, all flapping in random directions. I land on my feet, and glide. In front of me are lots of cars made of plastic, look like big toy cars. Suddenly there is a loud sound of glass breaking, I panic thinking it's coming from the physical, someone is breaking in my house. I intend to return but it's difficult almost like a magnet is constantly pulling me back. I phase in and out and when I return completely there is no sign of a break in.

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