November 12, 2009

Another Night of Energetic Activity

Last night the energy activity made itself more present. Here's a list of last nights activity, not in the order that they took place:

  • Difficulty sleeping, unable to relax
  • Jaw shifted
  • Sleeping on front made the protruding sternum press down
  • Heart also felt and sounded like it was punching rather than beating
  • Resting on back random chakra sensations were first subtle
  • I rested my arms on duvet near belly, left arm raised and dropped
  • Index finger on left hand raised up and then I put it back down - this repeated
  • I bent my knees to get comfortable, felt immediate sensation of root chakra (tingling and wiggly movements)
  • Solar plexus pulsating with a vibration
  • Sternum was being charged - of all the sensations and movements this was most intense
  • Throat contracted, vibrated and tingled, something inside felt squirmy
  • Muscles in arms and legs clenched and relaxed
  • Movements in genital area
  • Right ear vibrations and heat sensation
  • Energy (tingles and pressure) in soles of feet shooting upwards through leg
  • Right arm which was near belly was moved to the side (at this point I understood that I had to keep arms by my side)
  • Arms on the side, my hands tingled
  • Sharp stinging sensations in several parts
  • Face squinted
Not sure how long after I fell asleep, maybe 3 hours. Though being aware of this energy is fascinating, I really need some sleep. I realize that with this energy present there is a lot of random side effects, everything about it is unpredictable.

I intend to set some time aside purely for relaxing, some extra time to let the energy play out.

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