August 21, 2008

A Zillion False Awakenings

Somebody definitely woke up on the right side of the bed early this morning. Listened to Develop A Powerful Memory for 30 minutes followed by thinking happy thoughts and feeling great. I had the knowing that I will have an astral projection so I followed my breathing and soon enough felt myself floating. I was spinning anticlockwise and knew I was heading for the window.

My room was dark and on the wall I noticed a calender which I don't have in reality. Tried to check the year but my body/form having a mind of its own went out the window at which point I woke up and got out of bed. I walked downstairs to the living room where I found my nieces and nephews playing and my sister-in-law on the sofa staring at the TV.

I slouched on the sofa feeling somewhat groggy and noticed something strange about my environment. It was night time. I told my sis-in-law that this seems like a dream, she responded with a bemused look. I walked up to her and placed my hand on her shoulder which went through her. I walked to the hallway and noticed someone in the kitchen, looked like an elderly man. When I got in there the kitchen was empty. I headed for the garden when suddenly the lights began to dim. I shouted out for some light and clarity. Suddenly opened my eyes and woke up.

I heard the faint sound of an instrument playing in my ears. The sounds were sort of buzzing in my head. Two voices, male and female, chimed in and sang a song in hindi. The song was beautiful I just wish I could remember the words. I checked my arms and moved a little but didn't get up in case the tune stopped. My room was also in its right order. This is the first time something like this happened in my waking state. I continued to relax and just listen to the song making some effort to memorise it. I went back to sleep and had about a zillion false awakenings.

For The Zillionth Time
Eventually in this false awakening I meet a man and tell him how I've been having around a zillion false awakenings. He approaches two women sitting down and tells them about my zillion false awakenings. The two women are confused and begin to have a discussion about what a 'zillion' means. The man suddenly takes me by suprise when he grabs my arm and pulls me in front of a large computer screen. He brings up some images on the screen and shows me a device that looks like a camcorder. With a lot of excitement he begins to explain how it's state of the art, advanced technology. I tell him I have a camcorder like that at home, here I get conscious and end up in the SP state. Continued having more FAs.

Good Mood = Altered State of Consciousness
This was the last FA I had - Got out of bed and grabbed a pink book. It's an astral projection journal (does not exist in reality). I'm skimming through the book and realise that I never really record my moods prior to astral projection attempts. I recalled how good I felt earlier this morning and decided that my good mood was key to my astral projections in fact there were many other times I'd be in such an incredibly good mood prior to projecting. I kept wondering why I never thought of this before and made a note of doing it more often. Then I woke up.

I'm pretty sure I really am awake now that is unless these words begin to scramble.

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