August 25, 2008

An Attempt to Meet My Spirit Guide

I woke up at 4:30 am listened to Develop A Powerful Memory but stopped half way through because of a knocking sound coming from somewhere downstairs. I went back to listening to the hypnosis and continued hearing banging and tapping sounds. Did a check to make sure my windows and front door were locked.

I decided to listen to hemi-sync 'sleep exploration'. After taking such a long break from hemi-sync it's odd that listening to this track I instantly felt energy swarming inside my head. The affirmation I used was to meet my spirit guide. I was conscious throughout the entire track - no 'clicking out' however I was still able to hear the same knocking, tapping and banging sounds coming from inside the house. Maybe it was just the neighbours and I was just being paranoid.

I fell asleep having the knowing that I was going to astral project eventually finding myself in the SP state. Then I had an odd sensation which I concluded had something to do with my root chakra. Speaking of chakras, lately I've been having sensations in my solar plexus, heart chakra and third eye chakra. I was lying down on my front and was able to see mostly my bed sheet, from one side of my bed I felt a presence beside me. I know I intended to meet my spirit guide but the last thing on my mind at that time was making that connection - I couldn't help but formulate irrational thoughts.

I closed my eyes and begged for the being to go away, that I was not ready. Nothing changed, same SP state and feeling of a presence. I had two options, fight my way out of SP or open my eyes and face the unkown. With some bravery I chose the latter - opened my eyes and faced whatever was there to face. Felt mild vibrations and the root chakra sensation increased in intensity. Soon they both subsided and I woke up.


Universal Light Being said...


I find your blog to be very interesting and I follow every post via Google Reader. Thank you for taking the energy to write about your astral travels. I have yet to astral project and I just recently bought a bloodstone (which I've been wearing) to begin the balancing of my Root Chakra. Are there any tips or pointers that you would be willing to give to enable my first astral travel? Thank you in advance.

Keep the mind tuned to a positive frequency!

Ekam Sat

Universal Light Being

Jasmine said...

Greetings and welcome to my blog.

I've posted a few tips that you can check out, I plan to add more tips soon.

Learning to relax your body will benefit you immensely, both physically and mentally and is a prerequisite for astral projecting.

There are many relaxation methods, I personally find deep breathing the simplest way to relax.

There is a shortcut you can use to astral project in less than a day. Sleep for 5-6 hours, then stay awake for about an hour and intend to have an astral projection. Do this by affirming that you will astral project.

At this point you can choose to focus on your breathing or something else you can focus your attention on like a spot on the wall or ceiling. If the desire to astral project is strong enough you probably won't have to focus on anything - you could simply fall asleep and soon it's likely you'll find yourself floating out of your body.

It's important you're not too attached to the outcome and trying too hard to get results. In my case my first astral projection occured when I gave up and least expected it

AstralZ said...

Ever used saltcube? I've been reading about the methods in a video they sell at I hear good things. I just started a blog at Check it out sometime. :-)

Jasmine said...

Hi aztralz,

I've never used saltcube before. I watched their dvd preview - sounds promising.

It just reminded me of an experience I once had which I will write about in a post.

Thank you for the links. I will be sure to check out your blog.