August 1, 2008

Enhanced Spontaneous Visualizations

I'm experiencing more spontaneous visualizations before going to bed. It occurs as soon as I close my eyes. Images begin to take shape - it looks like somebody is drawing and I'm just simply observing. The other night a shape was forming, I could see lines and curves joining and there was an outer glow of a light blue shade which was getting brighter.

It lasts for a few minutes because eventually I have to break out of it coz I need to clean my bladder or I just simply fall asleep. This is interesting because when it does occur I'm fully awake and know that it will take some time before I actually fall asleep. Unfortunately I never really get to see any of the shapes completed.

I think these visuals could be the result of practicing the 5th meditation (focusing between the brows) from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

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