August 29, 2008

Tricking The Body To Fall Asleep

I recall once in my early days of meditation I struggled a lot trying to keep my body still, due to itches I would often give up.

So one night before falling asleep, I decided to remain absolutely still and not give in to any urges to itch or shift my sleeping position and focus on my breathing. I used this thinking it would help me get deeper into my meditation. It did and took an agonising 45 minutes. I was unable to percieve my body - I felt like a tiny dot in this vast universe.

I've since not practiced this due to the effort required. After some quick research online I've found out it's a technique used to trick your body to fall asleep while you keep your mind awake.

Here's a link to a forum post I found at dreamviews that discusses this technique further: How to trick your body to fall asleep while keeping your mind awake.

I will attempt this soon at night time before going to sleep.

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Liara Covert said...

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