November 7, 2011

The Conversion

Wake around 3am - close eyes almost immediately - shift - head buzz - something forming on ceiling - someone about to emerge - strong presence - scared - say to myself "focus on breathing and forget everything else". All attention on the rhythm of breathing.

I am high up now near ceiling. Less afraid, through the window, still dark out. Travelling end up in a scene - beautiful massive garden - pots with global hedges, lovely nature all over - sun is out. Walking and bouncing about the place cheerfully "Wow - I wonder if this place actually exists in reality".
Suddenly scene converts bit by bit to another scene - now very dark - I hear or feel someone on TV - a TV commercial - tele-shopping, someone selling round tablet detergent. My focus changes I am the person watching the TV - I have occupied a part of his or her body - the body was incredibly still. Environment converts to another dark room - sitting on a sofa. At some stage I recall lifting up legs and being able to see my legs. I can feel a presence - woman approaches me from the right, on her right hand she's wearing an animal puppet. She grabs me with puppet arm saying "Gotcha". If I were able at this moment I would've jumped out of my skin but body was in a state of paralysis.

I get this sense that scenes are about to warp into nightmarish scenes. I start to fight it urgently with great force shaking the body. Eventually snap out, the head buzzing calms down. There was a door to left in this scene which immediately converts to my bedroom window, and other various elements of that room from the scene converting to my bedroom. My head hurt so much, not from the head buzzing but from the fight that I had put up - I felt like my body and especially head had just crashed with great impact. Started to regret giving into the fear. Could not stay up long enough to check time - too exhausted fall asleep instantly.

Interesting experience and the morphing of scenes is not one I am unfamiliar with. The most intriguing part is when the scene morphs from what one might call the astral to one's physical environment. In the usual common type of projections it appears that there is movement from one place to another and of course that feeling of coming out of the body, in this particular type of experience everything was transforming in the same space without actually moving even though at times I felt I had traveled up to the ceiling or it seemed that I was walking. Something to do with the brain, connection to the sight and the mind behind the entire operation. I think what may have triggered this experience is certain heartfelt deep feelings and communication from my part to higher source prior to falling asleep last night.

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