November 16, 2011

Reality Waves

Woke up maybe 4ish am - after emptying bladder straight back to bed no thinking just the urge to close eyes and sleep.

No recall of the transitional state but suddenly became aware that my environment was different - consisting of a charge of energetic waves. Not sure how to describe it except that I was definitely not viewing my room. Top of my head sensations, pressure - brain buzzing and charging, this time it had a pulsating rhythm. It was intense but not so much that I couldn't handle it. I open my eyes with the intention to see if my room is still there. As I open eyes there is that movie like effect, white noise flashing sparkles tuning into a frequency type movie effect, but I was inside within the tuning. Finally I can see the window area in my bedroom is flowing with that same charge I viewed in alternate environment, it was waving and alive with a multitude of brightly colored flashing lights. My eyes feel tensed almost like I'm having to keep them pried open - either some kind of magnetic force wanting to close them or the eyes just could not handle these visuals. Closed them and again from the alternate environment opened again, looked at the window once more with all the waves moving about this time strongly trying to open them fully.

Can't recall what happened after this but I recall at some point where the energies all around me became intense causing an explosion of something in the physical environment.

Last night I slept really late deeply engrossed in making my herbal capsule formula and just before dozing off I drank the most vile tasting tea ever telling the parasites that live inside me (for now) that I want them out. Waking up this morning I felt that my thoughts and feelings from last night triggered this experience as I recall falling asleep the third eye or forehead area moving about a lot - the pressures were very intense.

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