November 21, 2011

Face Streaming

Morning I awaken at 6:30am - can't believe how dark it is outside I would've thought it was 2 or 3am and taking into account that I was so groggy took a lot of effort to empty bladder.

Returned to bed doubting I'll be able to sleep at all. Getting comfortable resting on my front side managed to get some shut eye. I remember as I started to relax imagining something in front of me, pressing it I was startled as it felt too solid. Played around with my imagination for a little bit until I went even deeper in this relaxed zone.

I was aware at some point of something changing around me yet knowing that I was still in bed, several male faces streaming along the wall, each of them carefully observing me. They are like shadows on the wall - I do not recognize any of them, limited to guesses about them and reading facial expressions.

The faces seemed to be gently gliding across very slowly as if backing away so as not to frighten me. Brain feels so mushy, some part clicking and I got this feeling they had done something.

Some of them came closer to the head and I can feel around the head, sensations of them moving almost as though they had entered and became a part of the head. There was fluid movement within the body, felt like all at once each part of this body could detach becoming individual entities.

I never know when these certain 'others' show up unless I'm using Salvia. With the Salvia, experiences become too intense for me to raise questions and certain knowings seem to come as part and parcel of the experience - these reduce the need for the question, in fact sometimes the questions appear ridiculous in that state.

These beings are intriguing - a fascinating aspect of reality. I think perhaps the only reason why I am able to see them moving only in altered states of consciousness as opposed to the so-called normal waking consciousness is because something within the brain has to change. Perhaps that part is always active but since we use other parts of the brain on a daily basis repeatedly through mundane physical reality based activities - the other parts shut down.

Last night I was reading the Bhagavad Gita certain things making a lot of sense, more deeply engrossed in the story than ever before and I went to bed feeling devotional.

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