October 20, 2011

The Wise

As usual awake at 4:30am. 6am closed eyes to relax, this time no sexual arousal to deal with.

I start to shift away from body almost instantly, sinking down and around various places. Try to zoom into some areas when I get some control but only movement I can control seems to be going backwards.

At some stage back in body with a buzzing starting in the head.

I'm looking, either through eyelids or the surface of inner eyelids. I feel maybe I was looking at the ceiling that had slowly transformed. My light fixing was not there, instead something was emerging out of it. A formation of a solid face thumping, next to this face three other faces emerge. They look a lot more different than the other times, 3D formation using the surrounding materials. There was a soft look to the material that they were formed with.

I think they were a mix of male and female. When they realize I'm aware one of them moves away looking into another direction as if calling someone. There is sound, voices of people. Brain buzzing ferociously yet my capacity to handle it feels much greater than other times. A face, with more colour starts to flash and it appears to be so near to me. The others move away and there in the center is a much larger head of an old man. Old yet wise, the face was still, filled with wisdom and an absolute knowing look. Eyes looked as though they bore into my soul and knew everything.

Moving closer I felt a mixture of emotions, some kind of fear and shame. Unable to make eye contact I look away and ask for forgiveness for all my sins. The buzzing subsides gradually at the same time I lose contact and open eyes in bed suprised that the extreme buzzing left behind no pain. Coming back a last voice played and felt like I was so near to the woman who was speaking. She had a chinese accent saying '500 kilos' speaking to someone.

A lot has shifted in these experiences which I believe may have to do with some physical factors. Past few days started swamootra neti which I find cleans my nasal passageway to a greater deegree than the usual saline solution. Also I have taken up urine therapy once again. The sexual energy has a major part in this and now applying the 6th Tibetan Rite to send this energy upwards. Other factors involve sticking to a routine of simple raw diet which is leaning towards 70% of what I eat.


CollyWogs Blog said...

I hope it is okay that I am reading your blog, I feel like I am eavesdropping on you...I feel the need to find out who you are but I dont know how...
I am reading the ringing cedars which my daughter has shared with me..I am fascinated with your journey and how you are talking about the things that have been presented to me and I am now on a conscious awareness level I have never experienced before...as the Mayans say " In Lak 'ech" which means " I am another yourself" nice to meet you.

Jasmine said...

Hi CollyWogsBlog,

I'm glad you found my blog and even happier that you're reading The Ringing Cedars... these books are truly amazing.

You said you feel the need to find out who I am but don't know how...I think you do, after all "In Lak 'ech" - nice to meet you too.