October 19, 2011


Woke up at 4:30am - sexual urges almost beyond control. Past few days practiced the 6th Tibetan Rite which has helped a little. Practiced this morning whilst laying down even though the rite requires standing up.

Eventually closed eyes around 6am hoping for some sleep.

Inner vision slowly getting clearer, things happening in the brain - part paralysis, keeping head very still go with the sensations. Somehow I was floating in the still dark sky moving upwards without my control. In this travel I bump into several sky beings made of clouds, incredibly clear from this angle. I guess being nearer to them they look even more real than in my Salvia trips. Going higher I feel exhilarated, excited and breathless anticipating something extraordinary. I knew at that moment where I was headed only because of that inescapable feeling. I was near to something very familiar, the feeling condensed into a word that after absolute recognition escaped my mind... Baba.

I know in some languages 'Baba' means father and I had felt that that someone I was automatically drawn to was indeed a fatherly presence. What happened beyond this is hidden now.

I only remember fragments after this. Still in the sky somewhere it was sunrise and in the clear light there were placards of statements that seemed like instructions - several of them being shown to me by invisible Beings (Beings expressing words like this has happened in other earlier projections). The only statement I can recall is 'Eat the Earth'. I found this strange even at the time of viewing and now wonder did they mean it literally or just how did they mean it?

The other statements are obviously connected as part of a sequence yet I can't recall beyond this except for a few moments of SP and then a moment where my left eye was moving and through that lens I was shown an image that can come to life - as if a design of some kind for a physical setting. Another moment everything was blank like a canvas ready for me to get painting on only this kind of painting consisted of living images. Just recalled now that in another instance there was talk of 'ego' - being told about others who have been able to retain ego whilst transcending to higher states of consciousness.

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