October 19, 2011

Radiation Dream Theme

Lately radiation has been taking over my dreams, in a recent dream there were two vault doors, my mum was messing around with one almost unlocking it until me and my eldest sister who was present warned her.

Since I have been practicing 6th tibetan rite dreams have been a lot more vivid, more realistic than usual and always waking me up after 3am.

A very interesting dream I'll jot down here that I had yesterday:

Wrong Flight
I'm in a car with my sister, dad and brother who is driving. Being dropped off to airport. Sis gets on plane. I hear from distance a flight attendant calling out my sisters name and somehow I know that she got on wrong plane. Me and my dad are let on the plane. The plane is moving and it is to late to get off. I ask another woman on the plane where this plane is headed. She tells me they are going to a disco as if to let me know they're gonna have fun. I ask her which country to which her response is chzec republic. I feel bad for my sister coz she looks upset, tell her that there are these cool people she can hang out with. She cheers up a little looking hopeful despite the mix up. It then dawns on me that the plane is moving with me and dad still present. Unfortunately we have to get off due to a very important meeting that we are to attend in a matter of minutes. I tell the flight attendant we have to get off. I am told that it is too late the plane is building momentum almost ready to lift off. I start to think very hard, look at my dad who is standing calmly munching peanuts and get an idea. Start to cry and tell them that my dad is very sick that I have to get him to the hospital, that although he looks normal his condition is a matter of life and death unless I can get him to a doctor immediately. Eventually after much sobbing they hear my plea and let us off.

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