August 31, 2009

Energy Ball and Near Projections

Yesterday morning fell asleep at 11am making up for some lost sleep. Eventually I became aware of sensations and as usual I assume I'm about to AP - seems to be the only thing I use to explain these strange happenings.

I felt some weird magnetic force pulling me from the soles of my feet, it felt like my insides were the first being sucked out by a powerful vacuum. I didn't have to restrain myself instead my reaction was a feeling of perhaps just a mild form of euphoria. I wasn't exactly ecstatic but somewhat near to it.

Within a few seconds of this I was able to move my legs and felt the solidity of them and the feeling that the soles of my feet were pressing against this strong sucking magnetic force that now felt like a large ball. The simplest, most descriptive word I can use to describe this ball was that it was 'energetic' and when I moved my legs I could feel the energy following the movement. I could feel my lips curling into a smile followed by a roaring inner laughter - the feeling was playful.

I was distracted by external noise, moved the rest of my body and instantly ended up in SP where I struggled to regain movement.

A few days ago had a near projection where I experienced mild forms of astral symptoms but there was some distraction so I could not go further.

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