August 31, 2009

Clarity of Dreams

The dreams I've been having lately have been so incredibly detailed and much longer than usual as well as disturbing. Unfortunately I do not have enough willpower to even summarize anything that long so I haven't been bothered jotting them down in my dream journal.

Had a several of these bizarre dreams this morning. In one dream that I can vividly recall there is a man in his car at McD's drive-through. On the passenger seat I can see a woman in her 50's maybe, eyes gawking and lips ajar. She looks in shock and frozen, I realize she's dead and I'm thinking he should close her eyes and mouth so she appears to be sleeping. I wonder why he's making it so blatant. He reaches out forward doing exactly what I was thinking. As he drives off I notice he has forgotten a burger - he reverses, I reach out grabbing the burger.

There were more dreams which I can't recall as clearly when I woke up at 7:35am. Went back to bed at 9am. Within a few minutes I became aware of my body falling asleep. There was an intense gripping feeling right in my solar plexus. I was in so much agony, snapped out of the SP but the pain remained. Held onto my belly groaning for a bit until I lost consciousness. It felt like my stomach was being yanked out.

Then I had a dream where I'm heavily pregnant, I seem to be with a partner. There is another person who is attacking us. I get a memory flash of this person, he is forcefully injecting me with something and I lose consciousness.

In another dream I'm playing Resident Evil. This time I'm inside the game playing it as if it were all real. An inventory screen pops up at the middle and I equip some grenades. A lift is coming up I wait for the doors to open and throw the grenades at the speedy, bigger, badder, and better equiped zombies.

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