August 7, 2009

Electric Surges and Brief APs

Last night I had some difficulty falling asleep until about 2am. Immediately there was a sensation that felt like electricity surging through from the back of my head to the back of my neck. The sensation was incredibly strong, it felt like my brain was being yanked out, I held tightly on my pillow realizing these sensations pop up mostly when I'm lying down on my front. With some effort I manage to turn over, resting on my back the sensation subsided but I could still feel mild vibrations in my head, neck and arms.

I close my eyes and almost instantly it feels like I've zapped into a scene where I am looking out of my front door outside where it looks like something has gone wrong. I walk out, there is a rather long lorry blocking my view but I can see on the other side of it a burst of flame. There are burning vehicles across the street. Many people outside are staring at something other than the burning vehiclesI can't see what they are looking at, it's noisy and I can hear mostly police sirens and fire brigades. I see my neighbour and ask him what happened to which I don't get a response, he seems to be in a daze as are everyone else. I woke up suddenly, it was still dark outside didn't bother to check the time and just fell asleep.

At 8am tried to get an hour of sleep - I knew somehow that was not possible, there was that predictability of something astral to take place. Lying down on my back, closed eyes my head felt like it was expanding, soon I'm in a small room I don't recognize. I see my sister and other people - for some reason it feels like an ordinary day only we all seem to be floating. Since I can clearly see my sister I wonder if I could see myself. I look at my arms, they look completely solid and physical. I'm seeking out a mirror to see my entire body and surprised to see my physical form as it is. I turn away and suddenly my body has taken up the movement of a wave, at this stage I'm seeing through my eyes in and out of the astral and my physical bedroom. As I look at my bedroom ceiling I can hear several songs playing, I seem to be still moving like a wave. I end up getting to the SP state where I try to move my arms and snap out because I thought that I left the radio on and it was a bit distracting, of course when I got up the radio noise disappeared. Woke up around 9ish am.


Michelle said...

I used find myself in very similar states up until about 6 months ago...then all of a sudden nothing. What do you suppose it means?


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