November 4, 2012

Snake Flames

A snake dream must share. First in the dream I am accompanied by my niece who seems older. She is cooking a meat dish and I remind her that I don't eat meat. She then cooks a big dense pancake and I try to find the words to politely tell her I also do not eat crap. Suddenly a cousin shows up, she wants a dustpan and the scene evolves to me finding a quirky looking tall dustpan that comes with a plastic translucent shield. Her sister then shows up, in the kitchen she places a snake on the stove and starts the fire. I move away afraid of the snake knowing it will come after me.

The snake seems to be taking long to burn off, somehow appears resistant to fire. As the fear mounts that this snake is after me some part of me really wants the snake to hurry up and die. Suddenly snake falls to ground unhurt - I hide quickly. It is going up a flight of stairs where cousin who was handling the snake picks it up to put it back on. It escapes and finds me - fortunately I wake up at this stage. Only a short while later I feel next time to surrender - I know the message of the snake and especially when it is associated with fire is significant in relation to kundalini awakening.

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