November 4, 2012

Fading out

Last night I was in a mode of complete appreciation, expressing my gratitude to the universe. I felt peace, harmony and a deep love for all. Somewhere in appreciation I asked the Universe to help me with certain abilities I was aware of in Salvia states - namely projecting into the reality around me. This sudden outburst of joyful gratitude may have also caused the snake dream.

After the snake flames dream around  4ish am I relaxed and soon was aware of AP state. Body rotates counterclockwise to the right side of room in the corner. Body shifts downwards, slight blindness. Remain relaxed and silent. Suddenly I'm floating upwards and there is this sense of looking down. I see the rows of houses that look very toylike. There is the feel of a fading away, electrical glitch like. Each house starts to disappear and I know this is the ending process so that something very new was about to form or take place - the reality that I was seeing was like a computer game simulation. I was calmly waiting for it and recall is little hazy here - after this the only thing I recall is feeling and hearing the breathing in my physical body - surprised that it was still very alert, not quite in sleep mode. There was that orgasm type massage in centre of forehead.

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