May 31, 2012

First sungazing

I woke up at 4am this morning only because I needed to badly empty bladder and then thought about my intention to sungaze. Headed out around 4:45 to local park, went to a local park. It was cloudy and I was almost disappointed until I headed out in another direction towards another park where I caught a glimmer of the perfect firey bronze tinged sun illuminating so brightly behind the dense cloud.

Barefoot I stared at the sun for the recommended 10 seconds on first try. The process involves a daily 10 second increment, so tomorow it will be 20 seconds and the day after 30 seconds. This can be carried out for up to a duration of 9 months or until ones appetite is completely reduced. According to the instructions it is best to sun gaze at the same location. I have chosen to do it around the 1 hour window after sunrise and may even do one 1 hour before sunset.

I then sat down under a tree where the suns ray was illuminating, after getting comfortable started my breathing practice, then the 5 tibetan rites until I sat down and just relaxed letting the sun warm my skin. There were magnetic sensations in my forehead, something to do with the pineal gland and third eye. This tends to occur early morning but in the sun it feels more smoother. As I write this the sensation is still there, I really do feel like somehow the brain just got charged.

I normally do not ever go out this early in the morning and after sitting there in the suns warmth I never reallly wanted to leave. It was peaceful and even internally there was no mental chronic chatter, nature provides effortless relaxation. Next time I intend to get there earlier starting off with a meditation.

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