October 19, 2009

Communication with K energy

In a brave attempt to sleep on Saturday night I realized I am resisting this energy a great deal. I knew something was going to shock me that night, whether it would be that incredibly focused energy in my head or some kind of panic attack - something was ready and waiting for me to slip into a sleep state.

Closing my eyes I thought 'Bring it on!' Seconds later there was some thumping at the base of my spine. I chickened out and begged the energy to be gentle and to 'please keep the energy in my head to a minimum'. It didn't take me long to realize that maybe I was imposing so I surrendered taking back all my demands, actually just the 'bring it on' part.

The only thing I remember from that night are intense dreams of a very sensual erotic nature. I have found some kind of connection though, before these intense energies take over I do get warning signs in the form of chakra sensations.

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Light Bearer said...

When K energy rises and provides a deep clearing to an opening third eye quite often erotic dreams thoughts and visions can occur.