September 22, 2009

Left Brain Gets an Electric Shock

Last night as I closed my eyes getting ready for sleep the middle of my forehead tensed up and there was an intense pressure like something was ready to pop out (third eye maybe? lol). A few seconds later the hair on the left part of my head felt like it was moving - this is the second time I've had this feeling. Felt like fingers running through my hair only they were incredibly light. I remember the first time it happened some months ago I was scared thinking I was probably being haunted by some entity.

This time I didn't think much of it. There were tiny vibrations on my scalp, tingling like sensation. Then a tremor in the left side of my brain with electric like sensations and I felt something burst inside. There was no pain but you'd think that with an explosion like that I should feel some pain. To be more precise it felt like something was trying to come out from the left side of my brain. This is quite enough to send anyone into shock, I wanted to really sleep and was not so bothered with these weird sensations feeling very little concern over them. Tried to go to sleep despite the sensations which were gradually dissipating but soon my arms snapped out in a jolt. Soon after fell asleep. The strange part of this was that I was completely awake and not in that state where I'm accustomed to the weird, strange and unexplainable.

I did a search on electric sensations in the brain and there's quite a lot of people who experience this with a majority of people feeling it in the left part of the brain.

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