December 31, 2012

Some New Years Eve Rambling

Only a few hours left till 2013 and here I am with a new blog post. Times have changed and with that so has my personality. I don't really want to write about the changes but I think I'm either going on some ego trip or something, but I don't judge it and allow those parts to just come out. On some rare occasions I would actually notice how drastically I have changed. Not all changes are bad - I definitely feel more confident in general - I can take on whatever is thrown at me.

I've already mapped out the next two years of my life which as always is subject to change. I have placed myself on a path which helps me to realize a very important goal - the goal is really a vision, a dream and it is something similar to what can be found in the Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre. In a nut shell I am trying to set up an eco village but that label is so small to how big and expansive the vision really is. Right now I am on funding and planning mode. I think this has to be the most significant change taking place within - previously I was drawn to mystical spiritual aspects, dabbling in astral projections and meditation and all that - now I am more earth oriented. The spiritual aspect is always there but mixed with a dab of earthliness.

This blog will continue to be mostly focused on metaphysical spiritual elements but from time to time I may update progress of my dream of an eco village.

I feel that the society you and I live in is deeply flawed but there are people who all over the world see this and  are making real lasting changes which benefit mankind and the planet. Initially my plan was to completely remove myself from the 'system' and withdraw into the nature that already existed, but clearly it's not enough and once again not only must I remain but I have to become a part of that system. I seem to be called to something much bigger. I hope that in 2013 everyone moves closer to their true calling.

I wish everyone, every little bug, every animal, creatures of all kinds, entities, spirits, ghosts, aliens, star people, indigos, faeries, pleiadians, nature, every atom down to the minutest cell and all of the Universe a very very very Happy New Year!

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