March 4, 2012

H202 Therapy and Healing Stuff

As part of a healing process I have started on H202 Therapy from about a month ago. There are several websites online that go into the details and instructions of this therapy. I am also currently oil pulling in the morning.

I have abandoned Urine therapy for the time being - for some few months now as I've noticed white clumps in urine, possible yeasts and candida die off going on at the moment. I have to admit this healing process seems so bloody long - I wish I could just be done with it.

Since starting H202 therapy I have also slowly started adding fermented foods and beverage in my diet - so far sauerkraut and kefir water, this seems necessary to repopulate digestive system with healthy bacteria since H202 destroys everything in its path.

Also eating healthy but there are still times where I fall off the wagon. I'm slowly learning to fall off the wagon taking a more sophisticated approach - like eating raw chocolate, yum!

Need to start meditating more, implementing relaxation techniques - it can be so tough now relaxing my mind I feel like in the past I could relax and meditate easy, these days I am just too in my head.

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