June 8, 2012

Sungazing Inconsistency

I have not been practising consistently mostly due to weather but also because I have not been able to get up early nor have I had the energy - it seems since the start of this week having family over my energy levels have dropped dramatically. My eyes are constantly drooping - this sleepiness is different to any sleepiness I've experienced before. Some kind of deep urge to sleep throughout the day in intervals - when I do sleep or nap and awaken there is major grogginess, do not feel rejuvenated at all. Not sure if this is the body's way of healing but I have a feeling it has something to do with the few days that I have sun gazed.  Also I did 3 egg yolk liver flushes and just the one or two enema and the new sleepy feelings could be due to that.

Have not been going out to the local park where the view of the sunrise is the clearest. At times I'd just do it in the garden only not standing on soil, will have to make an arrangement for this. Other times I am just gazing out the open window from the house (not through glass). It is quite cloudy here, hopefully not for that long. I'm not too fussed about missing days or not doing it exactly as instructed. I think attitude is more important than consistency. This morning I gazed out from the garden, it was cloudy but quite bright, I then went to lie down and relaxed - there was some pineal gland magnetic sensations, pulsing for a while and then I just dozed off for a while.

Did some deep breathing this morning in my room on the chair. As I breathed deeply focusing on the breath reaching head region my head would start bopping until I released the breath. I have noticed breathing in and focusing on different parts of the body causes different kind of involuntary movements.

Need to make an arrangement for sun charged water and start drinking regularly.

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