April 28, 2011

Astral Intentions Dream Alarm

I have put the intention through and trying to sleep earlier - did so the other day but yesterday retired late.

So far past two days sleep has been interrupted and I know it has to do with latest intention to AP - sort of like an internal alarm set up.

The other day woke up from a dream where I was near several rail tracks intertwined with a baby in my arms. I'm panicking because I could hear train in the distance and do not know which way to turn. Woke up but could not relax. Need to relax more - I feel my energy level has been too high which actually is a good thing especially helping out with several projects. I did slip into sleep dreamed lightly but woke up feeling aroused.

This morning dreamt about seeing my ex's uncle who was behaving unlike himself - cheerful, singing and playing with a baby in his arms. I am startled by the transformation in him and told him how he has changed. Go downstairs and through one open door seated around a table I spot my ex and quickly walk away before he sees me. An unfamiliar woman and girl walk up to me telling me about a note they've found - on the note 'I love you' is written 17 times (number possibly significant?). They tell me to open the folded part and inside I see my name written. I get very aware at this point but wake up too much until I'm back in bed. It was 5ish am - the perfect time to project. In the dark I could see the energy waving or pulsing. Needed to stay awake for at least 30 minutes but couldn't eyes just slipped close - open eyes and it's 6:15am - incredibly sexual arousal. Could not relax after this.

In order to project I need to sleep extra early, but I have been so busy lately that somehow I end up going to bed after midnight.

Hopefully by Saturday I'm sleeping earlier - my aim is to wake up by 4am maybe doing some physical activity if I am too awake by this time and then relaxing by 5am. Need to really get started on the handstands - there is some significance to this. Need to give more time to the kriyas as well as learning to let go to the movements.

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